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EPALE Resource Kit - EPALE for the European Year of Skills

Discover how EPALE contributed to the European Year of Skills!

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EPALE resource kit

Global, demographic and technological changes are shifting our society's and labour market's needs. How we live, work, learn, and participate in society is changing so rapidly that we must introduce new perspectives and approaches. In this context, Europe has embarked on a journey for improved strategies and actions to respond effectively to the new reality. 

The European Year of Skills has established the right to stay relevant and to be agents of change, not spectators.

The right skills help individuals adapt to the challenges and ensure their wellbeing and active participation in society and in the labour market, while at the same time contributing to civic progress and economic growth.

The European Year of Skills (May 2023 – May 2024) gave a new impetus to adult and lifelong learning, enabling people and entities to contribute to the green and digital transitions, supporting innovation and competitiveness, while leaving no one behind in this collective process.

Let us take a look back at a year of EPALE's exciting contribution to the European Year of Skills.

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