Surveys on validation on-line tools

The Educational Research Institute created two websites a few years ago to serve as information resources and tools useful in the process of preparing a given organization to function as an Awarding Body in the Integrated Qualifications System in Poland.

The Good Practices Database: Validation & Quality Assurance allows you to see how institutions in various countries in and outside Europe organize the validation process. These are over 20 examples of activities that can inspire you to create your own solutions.

The Catalogue of Validation Methods is, in turn, a compendium of knowledge on validation methods, tools and techniques. It helps to know the chosen method, check if it is applicable for the proposed learning outcomes, compare different methods and analyze potential risks.

We are currently working on updating both resources, improving their functioning and appearance, and adapting to the needs of users. Therefore, we would like to ask you to complete two questionnaires (separately for the GPD and the CVM). Knowing your views will allow us to improve both websites so that they are even more useful in your work related to the validation of learning outcomes.

Link to the GPD survey:

Link to the CVM:

We will be collecting the completed questionnaires until January 5, 2022. Thank you very much in advance for every submitted questionnaire. If you have any questions related to the GPD, the CVM or the survey itself, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Validation team at IBE


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