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EPALE focus: 2016 International Migrants Day

On 18 December the world celebrates International Migrants Day

On 18 December the world celebrates International Migrants Day. International Migrants Day is an opportunity not only to recognise migrants’ significant contribution to their host country’s economy, but also to promote respect for their human rights.

Migrants and adult education

In 2015 the average lifelong learning participation rate among foreign-born population aged 25-54 was about 12%, but this rate was significantly lower in a number of countries, such as Cyprus (4.0 %), the Czech Republic (3.6 %), Croatia (2.8 %) and Greece (1.5 %). In 2015, almost one in four young people not born in the EU and aged 15–29 were neither in employment, education or training*.



EPALE on migrant education

In April 2016 EPALE hosted a three-day online discussion on the topic of migrant education. Members of the EPALE community from all across Europe took part to give their opinion and share best practices. Take a look at the highlights from the discussion (in English only).

We at EPALE value the importance of adult education for migrants’ personal and professional development, well-being and social inclusion. Make sure you check out our thematic page dedicated, where you can find interesting blog posts, case studies, news and resources on the topic.


* Data taken from the Eurobarometer.

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