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I am an adult learner – what can EPALE offer me?

EPALE targets those who deliver and organise adult education rather than learners themselves.

If you wish to engage in learning activities, here are a few ideas you may consider:

  • Contact the education service in your city;
  • Look at possibilities offered by associations, universities, language schools, museums, libraries, etc. in your city/region;
  • Talk to your employer;
  • Contact the organisations which deal with adult learning in your country. The European Association for the Education of Adults(link is external) (EAEA) has a vast membership of adult learning organisations in Europe which you can contact;
  • Check Euroguidance(link is external) – a network of centres linking together the Careers Guidance systems in Europe;
  • Check Ploteus(link is external), which provides information about courses, work-based learning and qualifications.
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