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Looking to join consortium for the additional Erasmus + Call "Strategic Partnerships in Response of the Covid-19 situation"

Започнато от | Posted on Пон., 10/19/2020 - 14:50

We are Materia Group, a private sector, multi-shareholder social enterprise, based in Nicosia, Cyprus (registered SME). Materia’s mission is to provide a diverse range of Care, Nursing and Rehabilitation Services to the older people and people with disabilities, whether in the clients’ own home, or in Materia’s 24hour care units, either as residents, short-term stay clients, daycare clients or outpatients.

Services include: 24-hour nursing care, monitoring by gerontologists and geriatrists, physiotherapy, cognitive enhancement therapy, art therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, assistive technology support, nutritional counselling, home-care, psycho-social support and counselling, caregiver training programs, transportation services for people with mobility problems and others.

Materia is also a recognized training center for health and social sciences students from all universities in Nicosia, and has a research department specializing in EU funded projects relating to Aging, disability, public health and social inclusion. Having experience resulting from our participation in Erasmus+, EEA Grants, AAL and Horizon 2020 projects, and being one of the few end-user organizations in Cyprus that are experienced in EU projects, Materia Group has the expertise to undertake the following tasks (as an end-user organization):

• User requirements and co-design methodologies

• Ethical and legal issues

• Protocol, Planning and Implementation of Trial/Pilot phases

• Creating and implementing the evaluation framework

• Dissemination and Networking

If you are planning on submitting any proposals in the upcoming Erasmus+ call and looking for an end-user organisation, we would be happy to collaborate with you and contribute to the proposal preparation process. Please contact us for more information about Materia Group and our activities.


Best Regards,

Marina Polycarpou and Andria Hadjicosta




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