Интересувате се от сътрудничество с други хора от цяла Европа, но все още нямате конкретна идея?

Добавете организацията си

Добавете организацията си към Търсене на партньори в EPALE, за да подобрите профила си и дадете възможност на другите да разберат, че бихте искали да се включите в общоевропейско сътрудничество.

Полезен съвет: Добавете колкото е възможно повече информация за организацията си и вида на дейностите, които извършавате, за да помогнете на други да Ви намерят.

İzmir, the second biggest economy in Turkey, is also a crucial port city the western coastline of country, on the route of Ancient Silk Road, which interlinks Asia and Europe. İzmir Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1885 and has more than 85 thousand members, mostly SMEs oper...
Sakarya University (SAU) which is located in the neighborhood of İstanbul, is the second university in Turkey regarding the social responsibility projects carried out by the students and the 5th in R&D projects supported by international funds.
Sivas Provincial Health Directorate is a public organization serving with 18 districts and 3 central hospitals. It has a staff of approximately 10,000 in total. Sivas Numune Hospital is the largest of our hospitals affiliated with our Directorate.
Sivas Numune Hospital, which provides health services within the Sivas Provincial Health Directorate under the Ministry of Health, in the center of Sivas, our province with a population of 636,121 located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey; It has a bed capacity of 1070 an...