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Hungarian Vocational Training Center of Debrecen


The Hungarian Vocational Training Center of Debrecen is looking for partners for project Erasmus+ KA202 „Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training”. We are planning to apply for the program by 21 of March, 2018.

We are organize a project in the field of exchange of good practices, discuss ideas, adult education, vocational training, school leadership, company leadership, decrease student dropout, ICT development. We are looking for partners with the same interests, especially similar schools or vocational training centers.

The Hungarian Vocational Training Center of Debrecen is under the direction of  the Ministry of Economy, and coordinates 11 member institutions. Our goal is to represent the needs of the economy in vocational training. The 11 school institutions work with 10000 students and 1000 employees. The Hungarian Vocational Training Center of Debrecen is an organizational, management center, which also functions as a knowledge and service center. It harmonizes classical education with state-of-the-art knowledge needed by the economy. Our center is the regional educational center serving Debrecen and its vicinity within a 150 km radius.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on e-mail:

Organisation Details
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