2nd International Online Conference - DISCUSS LEARNING 2020, Vocational Education & Training – Focusing on Quality» Monday - Thursday, 9 – 12 of November 2020, 14.00 – 16.00 CET

Nowadays,  when we are discussing about the upgrading of vocational education and training and the need to increase students’ participation in the institution and structures of vocational education, the issue of quality is constantly emerging. Quality at all levels of education is a multifaceted issue. Quality affects the education system, the educational organization, the educational methodologies and tools and the employees, teachers and executives of education.

For four days in November 2020, IDEC ( has been hosting the 2nd International Conference Discuss Learning 2020 (, focusing on the importance of quality assurance in education, with an emphasis on vocational education and training. Each day was devoted on a different thematic:

  • Day 1 - Quality assurance in educational organisations
  • Day 2 - Quality in Apprenticeships
  • Day 3 - Tracking and continuous improvement in VET
  • Day 4 - New technologies in VET

We emphasized on issues of ensuring and improving the quality of structures that provide vocational training (educational structures and companies), while we talked about improving educational practices, mainly through the use of technology.

The conference also highlighted the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on vocational education, the emerging need for internships and apprenticeships in the form of working from home and the use of new technologies in distance learning.

During the conference, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the actions and results of the following European co-funded Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation in the field of VET, in which IDEC participates:

The conference gathered more than 200 participants per day: executives, trainers and teachers of Vocational Education and Training, business executives, who offer or may offer Internship or Apprenticeship positions and policy makers in the field of VET.

The conference took place during the European Vocational Skills Week 2020, and under the aegis of the General Directorate of Primary & Secondary Studies of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Piraeus Chamber of Crafts in Greece. It included presentations and workshops, while there were sessions for attendees to ask questions and for some discussion.

Under this framework, Discuss Learning 2020, has managed to contribute to the dialogue regarding  quality in vocational education and training, and to the creation of a quality culture at the level of organization and business, with the ultimate goal of modernizing it and improving the quality of education provided.


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