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The Stand Alone Pledge: We're Supporting Estranged Students

Helping estranged students to overcome disadvantage

"We know that the estranged students who reach your institutions often throw themselves wholeheartedly into studying. Many are determined that their lack of material and emotional support and/or approval from their family will not act as a disadvantage. Yet, despite being forcefully resilient internally, these students drop out of HE at a rate that is three times higher than the average student. We want to help institutions to enable these brave young students to stay resilient."

Pledging to Stand Alone would mean that you are publically committing your institution to supporting students who are studying without the support or approval of a family network. Taking the Pledge means that over a two-year period, your institution would work towards creating the right environment and conditions for estranged students to stay resilient and thrive.

Learn more on the Stand Alone Pledge website.

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Stand Alone Pledge
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United Kingdom
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