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“Bridge” project. An intergenerational approach with Serious Games for young people and people with dementia.

The Erasmus+ funded “Bridge” project that aims to create serious games acting on dementia symptoms is now in its central phase.  The Bridge partnership is pleased to announce that 8 games, acting on cognitive and behavioral symptoms of dementia, have been created and ready to be tested. These games have been designed and produced by the project consortium, based on the concept ideas of health professionals, game-designers, young volunteers, people with dementia (PwD) and their caregivers coming from Greece, Italy and Romania.

“Blooming flowers” is a cooperative board game in which players have to collaborate in order to create beautiful bouquets of flowers. The game aims to enhance social skills, memory, observation, concentration and other cognitive skills.

Specialites” is a cooperative board game aiming to enhance cognitive, social and behavioural skills of PwD, in which players collaborate to create a recipe.

“Emotions” is a storytelling phygital game that aims to stimulate emotional recognition and reminiscence in PwD, in which all players try to guess the emotions of a sound, recall and tell a story about it. 

“The Directors” is a cooperative board game in which all players should try to create a theatrical play based on the scenario of the game. Players have to select the proper actors, movements, objects for scenery and songs.

'Find it' is a digital game in which players are asked to recognize the negatives of images or to select the part of the image that has to be cut. It stimulates observation, critical thinking, creativity and attention.

'Next destination' is a digital game where the player has to prepare the luggage for different destinations. It stimulates observation, memory, critical thinking and concentration.

“Bird watching” is a digital game in which players pretends to be birdwatchers, they have to find and tap specific birds based on a model. It stimulates memory, attention, observation and concentration and it includes different levels of difficulty.

Flea market' is a digital game in which player visits the flea market of the neighbourhood and start shopping. Money management, memory and critical thinking are the main skills enhanced by the game.

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