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Learn and Help in Canik, Samsun

In Canik Public Education Center, a vocational training course was opened in the field of Clothing Production Technologies in cooperation with Samsun Labour and Employment Agency Directorate. Within the scope of the project, the trainees worked to meet the clothing needs of orphaned children who were victims of the war and now living in Syria's Jarablus camps.

As a country, we are very sensitive about refugees. We accept it as our duty to heal the wounds of the victims of war. In this direction, we are opening courses and trying to heal the wounds of people in need.

As part of the project, various outfits were prepared for 45 girls and 45 boys in the orphanage in Jarablus. Our goal was to meet some of the children’s clothing needs and especially not to let them feel alone. Our child development course supported the project by preparing handmade knitted dolls and plush toys. The toys were designed to appeal to children's sense of touch and support their self-confidence. The happiness and hope in the eyes of the children when the clothes and toys were distributed were worth seeing. Those moments showed us the value of the project, proving that we did the right job.

In the choice of trainees of our course, housewives who were not financially well-off were preferred in the Canik region. Trainees were given trainee allowance by Samsun Labour and Employment Agency Directorate and insure work accident insurance. Sewing techniques were taught to the trainees who had no prior knowledge of sewing and machine exercises were done. The children's body patterns were removed according to age groups. The materials were supplied and produced by Canik Public Education Center.

The trainees had the opportunity to experience the happiness of converting the professional skills they gained into outreach. At the end of the course, the trainees also had the opportunity to acquire a profession.

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