Професионални общности

Професионални общности

Професионалните общности са онлайн групи, където могат да се срещат хора със сходни интереси от сектора за обучение на възрастни. Присъединете се към общност, за да се срещнете с хора със сходни възгледи от цяла Европа и да обмените идеи, ресурси и добри практики.


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Purpose of groupOutreach is meant to:• to make people in different locations or groups aware of what a provider can offer (a marketing or recruitment strategy);• to mount learning programmes in

Career guidance and counseling for adults/Karijerno vođenje i savetovanje za odrasle

43 members
Purpose of groupThis group gathers career guidance practitioners from the Republic of Serbia making the place for the exchange of experience, good practices, ideas, and materials. Ova grupa okuplja

Amélioration de l'aide à domicile

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Objectif du groupeDévelopper des expériences et approches innovantes interprofessionnelles (aides à domicile, assistant-e-s de service social, ergothérapeutes, infirmi-er-ère-s, kinésithérapeutes)

Starter-Info für Mobilitäten zwischen Deutschland und England

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Zweck der GruppeAustausch zu wichtigen Informationen, Begriffen und Diskussion zur Vorbereitung von Mobilitäten zwischen Deutschland und England.ZielgruppeNationale Netzwerke und Infrastrukturen für

Jamtli Network

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Gruppens formålJamtli Network is a network that was started at the Nordplus contact seminar held Oct. 16-18, 2018 at Jamtli Open Air Museum in Östersund in Sweden. The purpose of Jamtli Network is

Özel Eğitim Öğrencilerine Yönelik Materyal Geliştirme- special education students Material development

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Purpose of groupDiscussing ideasTarget audienceAcademics, students, researchers in andragogyAdministrator/Moderatorabdullah öztürk

Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning 2018

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Welcome to this private space for the Nordplus Adult contact seminar on cultural heritage and heritage learning! The contact seminar will take place in Östersund Sweden on 16-18 October. The seminar

Adaptar la formación de adultos al siglo XXI

40 members
Purpose of groupPara continuar el debate iniciado en la Jornada del "Dia de l'Aprenent" que tuvo lugar en Girona el 21/09/2018.Target audienceAdult learning providersTheme addressedLife

The Promised Land

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Purpose of groupTo share good practice and methodologies for adult learning with refugee and migrant communities, particularly through arts and cultural activities.Target audienceMedia professionals

Erasmus+ Edukacja dorosłych - Beneficjenci akcji 1

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Grupa jest dodatkową przestrzenią komunikacji między Narodową Agencją i beneficjentami oraz między samymi realizatorami projektów. Jej celem jest wspieranie beneficjentów akcji 1 w zarządzaniu

Step4 SFC - Savoir Faire Comportementaux

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Logo Step4-SFC.
La communauté de pratique Step4 SFC a pour mission l'échange et le partage d'idées et de pratiques entre les acteurs concernés par le travail sur les savoir-faire comportementaux. Elle a pour objectif


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Purpose of groupDiscussing ideasTarget audienceAdult learning providersAdministrator/ModeratorAleksander Temmo